penny's lightbulb moment struck whilst out and about on the school run, despairing at the thumb holes her sons had made in their jumper sleeves.  having been unable to source suitably fun and hardwearing wristwarmers for kids, she decided to make them herself, calling them ScUFFS (a combination of 'scruffy' and 'cuff').  with logos and labels designed by a fabulous local graphic designer and many hours spent at the sewing machine, a fab and funky product was launched in September 2012.  the ScUFFS logo was successfully trademarked in 2012.  2013 brought the ScUFFS neckwarmer to the scene. autumn 2018 brings a new website, new sizes and even better wristwarmers 💚

penny lives and works in Farnham, surrounded by piles of fleece, encouraged by 2 sons and a husband and accompanied/distracted by a small but perfect sprocker spaniel

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