where are ScUFFS made? ScUFFS are hand made especially for you in Farnham, Surrey and Bosham, Hampshire, UK

what are ScUFFS made of? ScUFFS are made of gorgeous polyester fleece

how do I wash my ScUFFS? pop them in the washing machine ideally at 30 degrees, but a 40 degree wash won't harm them

can I tumble dry my ScUFFS? you can, keeping the dryer at a low temperature, but we don't recommend it to keep them looking at their best for longer

which size of ScUFFS should I order? check our sizing guide and work out which size will fit you best

should I send them back if they're the wrong size? of course, if they are unused and in perfect condition, we'll put the correct size in the post to you right away. you'll have to pay postage for your return package, but we'll cover the cost to send you the replacements as we're really keen to keep you happy! don't worry about the packaging - just be sure to send it back with the original purchase and all your contact details. please email info@scuffs.biz first so that we know to expect your return. have a look at our terms and conditions for full details

do they have scratchy labels that will irritate my skin? no! ScuFFS are supersoft and snuggly and there are no scratchy seams or labels to irritate you

which fleece is best? all our fleeces are fabulous - have a look at our 'which fleece?' page before you decide which fleece to buy

when will my order arrive? we aim to send out orders as soon as possible after receipt of payment, and within 7 working days at really busy times. we'll email you if there's any problem with delivery or stock levels. if you need your parcel really urgently, please email info@scuffs.biz to let us know and we'll do everything we can to help

can I get a sample of the fleece to check its colour before I order? yes, of course. let us know which colour and we'll send you a free sample:  info@scuffs.biz

can I buy my ScUFFS in person? yes, we normally attend several lovely autumn and winter markets - please see our events page for full information. we'd love to see you there.

need more help or advice?  just contact us and we'll do our best to help!  info@scuffs.biz

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