zig zag stripey

zig zag stripey

fun and funky, zig zag stripey special LIMITED EDITION to replace our out of stock rainbow fleece.  everyone will see you coming in this one!

price: £9.50
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ScUFFS fabulous fleece wristwarmers – keep your hands warm and your fingers free!

ScUFFS original wristwarmers

  • are like a fingerless glove, without the fingers
  • are long to keep your wrists warmer, protecting the blood flow to your hands and keeping your fingers warm 
  • ideal for working or playing somewhere cold when you need to use your fingers
  • are ergonomically designed in a range of sizes
  • have a thumbhole for easy fit and comfortable wear
  • allow your fingers the full range of movement, whilst warming the hand 
  • are much more difficult to lose than gloves as you rarely need to take them off! 
  • are easy to wear under thick, ski, gardening, cycling or golfing gloves, 
  • offer a protective sleeve to prevent drafts in the gap between glove and coat 
  • are perfect for indoor and outdoor use 
  • come in a range of appealing colours for all occasions
  • are made from polyester fleece for optimal performance
  • are easy to wash and quick to dry

ScUFFS original wristwarmers for:

  • outdoor activities and play
  • sport
  • camping and hiking
  • school
  • dog walking
  • cycling
  • running
  • climbing trees
  • snow sports
  • horse riding
  • playing musical instruments
  • arts and crafts
  • mobile phone & tablet use
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