• different ScUFFS are available in different types of fleece
  • please note that all the fleeces used to make ScUFFS original wristwarmers are thin enough to wear under gloves
  • all ScUFFS products are hand made from 100% Polyester fleece
  • by its nature, fleece fabric wicks moisture away from the body, helping you feel warm and dry even if the fleece gets damp
  • naturally quick drying, fleece is durable, keeps its shape and retains its soft feel after many, many washes

pre-pilled or anti-pill fleece (all plain coloured fleece unless otherwise specified)

as its name suggests, pre-pilled or anti-pill fleece doesn’t pill (ie it doesn’t get those annoying bobbly bits when you wear it)

it's thicker than microfleece and has a deeper pile on the face side

it's ultra cosy, soft and warm and its brushed back is very comfortable next to the skin

microfleece (black, navy blue, denim blue and red items)

microfleece is a featherlight fleece

the thinnest fleece available, microfleece is warm and soft with a chamois-like finish

printed or fun fleece (camouflage and rainbow stripe designs)

super soft and cosy, fun fleece is often printed with attractive designs

depending on the batch I receive from my suppliers this fleece can be slightly more loosely woven than anti-pill fleece

the bright patterns in ScUFFS fun fleeces more than make up for the possibility that they might become a little bobbly over time!

need more help or advice? Just contact us and we'll do our best to help! info@scuffs.biz

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