as ScUFFS is a small business we are lucky to be able to offer a very personal service.  if you need something special, please contact us and we'll do our very best to help.  

here are some examples of special orders we've fulfilled:

  • long cosy wristwarmers without a thumb hole 
  • wristwarmers with labels on both hands to allow a partially sighted customer to work out which end is which
  • wristwarmers with a mitten end, to keep less mobile fingers warm
  • double thickness wristwarmers for several clients living with Reynaud's syndrome
  • extra long length wristwarmers

we can also offer some additional colours of fleece that are not on our website, so please do ask!

ScUFFS mittens

double thickness extra cosy wristwarmers

Special desert camo fabric for a neckwarmer

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